2023 October Newsletter

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💸👻  Stop getting ghosted by payments


Q: Why did the ghost become an accountant?

A: Because it wanted to balance the "boo"-dget! 👻💰🤣


Alright, bad jokes aside. It’s October and things are about to get frightening as we approach the end of the year. End-of-year summaries, taxes, 2024 budgets, and all of the other reports that take hours to make manually, and sometimes a mathematician to understand.

You could eat fistfuls of Tums to tame your stress, or you could automate a ton of the repetitive tasks, including creating accurate reports.

Get set up with what you need to keep the spookiest away.

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App Updates & New Features

🎉 Featured Update: Dunning & Reminders

The dunning and reminders feature update was released mid-September.

The dunning processes got a big upgrade in terms of configurability! Users can now control which invoices that are being dunned based on many different data points. Users have direct control over when ChargeOver duns invoices and exactly what action will be taken.

Some general benefits of this update include:

  1. This update further automates user workflows to cut back time spent collecting customer payments.
  2. Users have additional fine-tuned control on which invoices are being dunned and when.
  3. The update will continue to reduce the outstanding balance of AR for users.

Instances that don’t have any dunning configured on the legacy implementation currently default to the new dunning settings. All legacy dunning instances were migrated on 9/18/23.

For more information, refer to our Help Center article: Dunning & Reminders


🎉 Update: Hosted Signup Pages | Failed Payment Emails

To prevent users from chasing down payments due to failed payments, a new email feature has been launched. Hosted signup pages that send payment receipts after a customer signs up and failed payment receipts, will now send an email when a payment is declined. Additionally, a declined payment will prevent the sending of a Welcome Email (if Welcome Emails are enabled).

For more information, check out the Help Center article: Hosted Sign-up Pages


🎉 Update: Credit Card Nicknames

Launched late September, the credit card's nickname will appear almost anywhere the credit card is used, providing greater clarity and ease of use.


⚡️ New Feature: Processing Fees | Exempt States

Customers can now add states to be exempt from processing fees. Many states have restrictions on whether or not a business may charge processing fees. Instead of marking a customer as exempt from all processing fees, the business can now specify that only payments in non-exempt states will be charged these fees.

For more information, check out the Help Center article: Processing Fees


🎉 Update: Split transactions now link back to parent transaction

Although this change may seem small, it will be very useful for users with parent companies making a payment for one or more child companies’ invoices. Now there is a link back to the parent transaction when viewing a child’s transaction info.

For more information, check out the Help Center article: Can a Parent Customer Pay for a Child Customer's Invoices?

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