2023 September Newsletter

Kenzie Kirchoff
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Invoices and billing workflows eat up a lot of time, you start to feel stressed. You can take the hours it took this month to gather the necessary information to bill your customers and subtract it from next month’s labor budget. Our customers often found themselves bogged down with accounting task before they decided to save their time and money with automation. ChargeOver is the helping hand that allows you to go hands-free on recurring billing task.

It’s easy to improve your profit growth when you are consistently and accurately sending out invoices. Unfortunately, human-errors can get in the way of staying consistent, thus delaying payments. With a subscription billing software, like ChargeOver, invoices are setup to send on time whenever you choose. Better yet, customers can easily pay with custom customer portals and there is an automated dunning and reminder system to keep you from needing to personally send any payment reminders.

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App Updates:

Now Available: Ability to Schedule a Subscription to Cancel in the Future

Customers can schedule subscriptions to cancel on a future date. If they bill in advance, they will also be able to schedule the subscription to cancel at the end of a service period. There will also be an option to adjust the scheduled cancel date, or remove the scheduled cancellation.

There is a new report for future cancellations in the report center, titled ‘Upcoming Cancellations.’ Customers can see all the subscriptions scheduled to cancel on a future date.

This feature has REST API functionality to schedule future cancellations as well.

For more information, refer to our Help Center article: Cancelling or Suspending Subscriptions

Quotes Update: Users Can See Who Viewed a Quote and When

In the ChargeOver app at the bottom of the Overview Tab in Quotes now includes an Event Log link that opens a detailed log of when a quote is viewed or downloaded.

Long gone are the days of wondering when (or even if!) a customer has opened a quote.

Check out the Help Center for more details on: Quotes

Quotes Update: Watermark and Audit Logs

When a quote is accepted, the quote will now have an ‘ACCEPTED’ watermark, making it clearer when a quote has been accepted.

The audit logs have been updated. When a quote is accepted, you can find the invoice and subscription created in the Quote’s Audit Log.

Similarly, you can find the quote that created an invoice/subscription in the invoice/subscription’s Audit Log.

Help Center has this article on Quote Conversion

More info on how to find your Quote Status

Customer Portal Update: Allow Customers to Cancel Their Subscription in the Customer Portal

Exciting news! This new feature let’s users allow their customers to cancel their own subscriptions through the Customer Portal. This means that users will no longer have to cancel customers’ subscriptions manually, saving you time and hassle.

In addition, we have updated the Cancel Reasons Add-on so that users can enable and disable cancel reasons for customers to choose from when canceling their subscription through the Customer Portal.

We know that canceling subscriptions can be a tedious task, and we are thrilled to provide you with this new feature to make your life easier.

Need more info, check out this article in the Help Center Allow Customers to Cancel Their Subscriptions

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