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2024 January Newsletter

Kenzie Kirchoff
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Recurring / Subscription / Retainer—Customers

Customers that you send invoices to in cadence can be called many things. Sending them invoices over-and-over manually takes time that adds up. Tracking their payments, chasing down late payments, and keeping records manually also creates a lot of admin time that business owners, managers, and accountants don’t have to spend.

It’s time to shake off old repetitive routines for workflows that can organize the billing chaos and give you back hundreds of hours in 2024.

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App Updates & New Features

🎉 Featured Update: Saved Reports, Date Range Filtering, & More! 🎉

ChargeOver has added more features to Reports and Lists in ChargeOver to help you filter and organize the data in your ChargeOver account.

New Report Filtering Options

  • Dates on reports can now be filtered by relative ranges. For example, filter for invoices created “Last week”, or “Last month”, or “in the past 30 days.
  • Text fields can now be filtered with “does not contain” criteria.For example, filter for invoices where the customer name does NOT contain “Test”
  • Text fields can now be filtered by empty/not empty.For example, filter for customers where the email address or phone number is empty (blank)
  • Statuses and checkboxes can now by filtered with negatives.For example, filter for invoices where the status is NOTVoided

Additionally, you’ll find that many columns on many reports which were not previously filterable, are now filterable.  

Saved Reports

We’ve added the ability to save reports. If you have a list of records you or your team need to look at regularly, you can apply filters to the report and save it, so you can quickly reference it later.

Here are some examples of the common types of reports you can now build and save:

  • Invoices created in the past year, grouped and subtotaled by state or province
  • Active subscriptions that are not on auto-pay
  • Customers with a high (or low) MRR dollar value
  • Refunds given in the last week

You can filter, save, sort, group/subtotal, and view your saved reports at any time through the Report Center in ChargeOver.

To get additional information about reports within ChargeOver, visit the Building Reports section of the Help Center.

⚡️New Integration: ShipStation⚡️

Import, manage, and ship your ChargeOver orders with ShipStation, a fast and simple web-based shipping software.

  • In ChargeOver, you choose which products to ship through ShipStation
  • Shippable invoices will be automatically exported to ShipStation
  • Order details are pushed to ShipStation automatically, including:
  • Invoice details: invoice #, invoice date, shipping address, sales tax, discounts, payment method, and more
  • Per-line details: product SKUs, names, quantities, price, and more
  • When you ship the order, the carrier, tracking number, and other information displays in ChargeOver automatically

Get more information on the ShipStation Integration on the Help Center.

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