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GrubTubs, Customer Highlight

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Customer Highlight

You've heard of Farm-to-Table, but do you know about Table-to-Farm? GrubTubs works with the hospitality industry (restaurants, hotels and even hospitals) to recycle food waste. They keep food from going into the landfill by collecting it in their air tight tubs. Inside the tubs the food waste is recycled and turned into animal feed. This saves farmers 25%-35% on feeding their animals!

The hospitality industry has had a tough year (2020) and GrubTubs has needed to buckle down on their own resources, too. Ben Houston, Operations Manager at GrubTubs told us that the team is currently wearing a lot more hats these days. Having ChargeOver has allowed their team to focus on the work, instead of the invoices. The automated billings to their customers, the follow-ups and the reporting all save hours of time and resources that they need for operating the business. Especially with their goals to expand into making bio diesel in the near future.

The way the business works is restaurants, hotels and hospitals put their food waste into the food-grade black 6.5 gallon tubs. Once filled these tubs are removed and replaced with empty tubs by GrubTubs. The billing works similarly to an old phone bill. The customers pay for a base number of tubs and if you go over your retainer, the customer pays the additional cost. The base tier for customers is 36 tubs and that roughly weighs about 1/2 a ton. From the diagram above GrubTubs claims they can feed 600 pigs, 4,000 chickens and 40 acres of plants with just 5 tons of food waste and grease. Although the billing structure does not seem too complicated at the starting base tier, it can get more complicated with multiple locations, more tubs, more pickups, more farmers, gallons of grease, etc. The hope is for those in hospitality can see patterns in their routines, such as over purchasing stock, under using ingredients or throwing away items that could be used more wisely. All the while the food that does go into the tubs can be used to its full potential as food for livestock, plants and other farm needs.

For GrubTubs, being able to easily customize invoices with their own branding has been very important. "It is a way for GrubTubs customers to have a more seamless experience instead of feeling like they're being bounced around while sharing their credit card information. It's also helpful that the statements and invoices are so easily accessible for our customers." Ben Houston. ChargeOver provides the ability for our customers to use their own branding and messaging while keeping their customer's information secure. "We also use ChargeOver's customization capabilities to send out emails and newsletters that have the GrubTubs logo from the GrubTubs team."

The ability keep track of late invoices is another must for GrubTubs. Since each of the GrubTubs team members have multiple responsibilities, including a lot of physical labor, keeping track of late invoices and where in the process they are for following up with, can become an unorganized chore quickly. With ChargeOver, the automated services truly keep up with running the business alongside the team.

Keeping food waste out of the landfills and helping support our farmers is a mission we can stand behind at ChargeOver. Our customers all have unique services, taking the time to learn more about their goals and what drives them to grow motivates our own team. If you'd like to hear more about what ChargeOver does to help support billing or other complex payment processes, schedule a time to chat.

Stay tuned for future customer highlights to see the truly diverse array of companies ChargeOver supports daily.

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